Policies & Pricing

Please Note:  When you send us a purchase order, you are agreeing to the policies below.

  • Pricing:  Unit prices are established before starting production and are based on our shop rate of $30/hour. Price quotes are good for a minimum of six months. Services other than production such as prototyping, sample making and design work will be billed by the hour.
  • Quantity Minimums:  Minimum opening order is $500 and subsequent minimum orders are $300. There may also be minimums per color and style; we will give you all that information along with your initial price quote. In some cases similar products can be combined in the same order to meet these minimums.
  • Purchase Orders:  Purchase orders can be in any format as long as they are numbered and dated and the quantities of each style/size/color are clearly specified. Orders will not be started until we receive a purchase order and all necessary materials. Once we receive a purchase order and materials the order is considered to be in process and cannot be cancelled or changed.
  • Payment:  We accept PayPal and checks. 50% down is required on the first order with the balance due at time of shipping. On subsequent orders the full amount is due at time of shipping.
  • Materials:  Materials can be shipped directly here and stored between orders, however anything that sits unused for six months will be returned to you at your expense.
  • Turnaround:  Turnaround time on orders is generally 2-3 weeks after we receive the materials and PO. Please allow one additional week for the first order of a given product. In the event that we have a backlog and the wait time will be more than three weeks, you will be notified at the time you place your order.
  • Shipping Charges:  Finished goods will be shipped to you via UPS, FedEx or the US postal service and the exact shipping charges will appear on your invoice.
  • Non-Disclosure:  We are happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement. If you don’t have one, there are many templates to be found online. Please send it via email as a PDF attachment; this will allow us to sign it digitally and return it to you immediately. Sending it in any other format will result in a delay.
  • Guarantee:  We stand behind our work! Nearly all production issues can be avoided by due diligence and strong communication during the sampling and pricing stage. In the event that you receive something from us with which you’re not completely happy, please contact us immediately. If it was something that we overlooked, we will gladly fix or replace it immediately. No matter what, communication is key. Please let us know if you are not satisfied so we can work to resolve the issue.

See Getting Started for details on pre-production steps.

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