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Consultation:  The first step is a consultation by phone or email to make sure we have the proper equipment and would be a good fit for your needs.  We’ll discuss your product, price point requirements and production numbers and review your tech pack and prototype photos if you have them.


Development Stage:  If you are still in the development stage, we can help you move toward production. We’ll assess your situation during the initial consultation and then provide a written overview of the process and timeline for readying your product for production.


Production Stage:  If you have a finished product and are ready for production, you’ll send us a finished example piece, a pattern or marker, and enough materials for two units of each design. We will then make and send you a prototype of the design, and provide a set price per piece.  Production samples are billed at our standard shop rate of $30/hour and generally that will come in at roughly 3X the final per-piece cost.


Design:  We can also work with you to improve on your existing design. Design work and subsequent prototypes will be billed at our standard shop rate.


Final Approval:  When you receive your samples, you should go over them carefully and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Once we have a perfect prototype and have agreed on a price, we’re ready to go into production!

Read Policies & Pricing for more details

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