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Consultation:  The first step is a consultation by phone or email. We’ll discuss your product, price point requirements and production numbers and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.


Development Stage:  If you are still in the development stage, we can help you move toward production. We’ll assess your situation during the initial consultation and then provide a written overview of the process and timeline for readying your product for production.


Production Stage:  If you have a finished product and are ready for production, you’ll send us a sample, pattern or marker, and enough materials for two units of each design. We then make and send you a prototype of the design, and provide a set price per piece. There is no cost for our prototype and quote as long as what we are making is exactly the same as the finished product (sample) you provided.


Design:  We can also work with you to improve on your existing design. Design work and subsequent prototypes will be billed at our standard shop rate.


Final Approval:  When you receive your samples, you should go over them carefully and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it. Once we have a perfect prototype and have agreed on a price, we’re ready to go into production!

Read Policies & Pricing for more details

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